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Natural Beekeeping Courses

Natural Beekeeping with the Warré Hive Workshop – 17 & 18th September (2 day) – $335 NZD Tutors:           Nick Holmes Location:       Koanga Institute, Wairoa, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand Date:              Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th September, 2016 Time:              9am – … Continue reading Natural Beekeeping Courses

Warré Beehives

We hand make beautiful and durable Warré beehives to the highest standard from locally sourced and milled, naturally durable timbers. Common woods are Himalayan Cedar – Cedrus deodara, Lawson Cypress – Chamaecyparis lawsoniana, Japanese Cedar – Cryptomeria japonica, and Coastal Redwood – Sequoia sempervirens, as well as other native and exotic timbers as available. Logs are salvaged from local urban and rural tree removals and milled with a … Continue reading Warré Beehives

Swarm Removal

Swarming takes place in New Zealand from as early as September until late January. Swarming is when the current queen bee in a hive leaves with a large group of worker bees, seeking out a new home to form a new colony. They will often settle on a branch of a tree, a fence post or … Continue reading Swarm Removal


Natural Bee Husbandry: The International Journal for Bee-Centred Beekeeping Print $55   //   Electronic $30   //   Both $70   per year (4 issues, quarterly) incl. delivery ‘Natural Bee Husbandry’ will focus on a type of beekeeping which can be described in many ways: sustainable beekeeping, bee-centred beekeeping, apicentric beekeeping, sensitive beekeeping, bee-friendly beekeeping, etc. It … Continue reading Publications


Do you want to build your own Warré beehives but can’t find suitable timbers? We had the same problem and so we started collaborating with portable sawyers to custom-mill locally sourced, naturally durable timbers. We mill to suit the Warré hive design; logs are rough sawn to 27mm thick boards, giving a 25mm board after drying and dressing. Our … Continue reading Timber

Trees for Bees

Are you interested in developing diverse and beautiful perennial bee forages on your property? We specialise in seeds of rare and wonderful trees and shrubs that provide diverse nectar and pollen forage for honeybees. We collect and dry the seed ourselves from local sources, and on rare occasion source seed from elsewhere. Seed packs are bio-region … Continue reading Trees for Bees